Media savvy?

Well, I think I just posted something on my new Instagram page to let people know there are some places on my summer workshops. I have to admit to being a Luddite who doesn’t speak techno (but I’m learning….slowly…with a little help from my friends). How on earth do makers get time to produce things AND promote them on media?

Adding pictures of my students’ work to this site, I inadvertently deleted the whole page! (not sure how). Thanks Helen for helping restore that.

I have more to add later, if your work isn’t there.

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About jenniragrugs

I started rag rug making as a hobby and got hooked on sharing the craft at workshops and creative breaks. My first book Rag Rug Making was reprinted 4 times and is sold out but I have signed copies of my second book: More Rag Rugs & Recycled Textile Projects and my new how-to book twill be published in 2021, end of September: An Introduction to RAG RUGS - Creative Recycling (Pen & Sword Books).

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