Kits, Tools, Books

Jenni Stuart-Anderson

Jenni can supply you with tools and equipment for rag rug making. You can also purchase kits and signed books.

These items are available at Jenni’s workshops, or email  for mail order and more details. YOU CAN WORK AT HOME IF YOU BUY A KIT BY MAIL and I am available for help by email.

I love your Rag Rug workshop video and the first of your books. They’re what inspired me to take up rugging, having only previously done some Readicut kits long ago. It’s all very exciting! Best wishes for 2017” Gill

“I thank you so much for making the video Rag Rug Workshop.  I’ve just finished watching and have to say it was very inspiring.  Again, much appreciation for your beautiful gallery and thorough explanations.  I can’t wait to start a rug of my own.” Sheila H, Deland, Florida

“The DVD is brilliant! I felt as if I had actually been at that workshop day, and you were talking to me!” Jenny

 Hand Made Tools:


A. Wooden cutting gauge
B. Hooks – yew and brass or beech wood and steel
C. Speed shuttle hook, hardwood with brass and steel
D. ‘Bodger’ – spring clip tool for progging

A pine frame (1.5m o/a) with webbing attached and bolts is also available @ £85 plus carriage.

Equipment prices from £4.25 to £85 plus postage & packing – email  for details.

Hand made kits

*Kits include full instructions, a hessian base with drawn design and a tool. Just add fabric : £35 & postage, or with cutting gauge- £39 plus postage.

*Flower on a bag kit includes bag, 2 tools, fabric & yarn plus instructions : £45 plus postage.

by Jenni includes instructions for vintage rag rug technique of hooking fabric strips through hessian backing stretched on frame. You can use frame and hook to make more hooked projects. Kit £45 plus postage £12 (UK).

Bag contains:
Frame : 4 pieces plus circular plastic screws x 8
Hessian backing printed with terrier design
Hand made wood and steel rug hook
2 pieces of string
Instructions to make a rug 59cm x 43cm from your own fabrics

Books and DVDs:

Jenni’s new book published October 2021.

Signed copies available from Jenni RRP £14.99 + postage £2.70/UK. To order email  jenni

 Colour Books Arts and Crafts White Owl

Jenni was invited to write this book just before lockdown by a publisher who has branched into crafts after specialising in military subjects. So many people are finding the therapeutic benefits of making things and this book has some history, info on design, tools, equipment & materials plus techniques for Prodding & Progging, Hooking & Punching, Knitting & Knotting, Coiling/Binding, Plaiting/Braiding, finishing & cleaning & where to see rag rugs.


Workshop DVD is  available for £7.50 plus £1 UK p&p – email Jenni.   See a clip on YouTube (Rag Rug Workshop/Jenni Stuart-Anderson)

“The DVD is brilliant! I felt as if I had actually been at that workshop day, and you were talking to me!” J


More Rag Rugs & Recycled Textile Projects (2011 Traplet Publications)  This book has all the basics in the first book plus 10 new projects (including a peg loom project) and many new and vintage rug pics, plus more shared memories from bygone rug making days. Get a signed copy for £10 plus £2.70 p&p/UK. To order email  jenni.



Jenni’s first Book Rag Rug Making  – explaining the history of the craft with contemporary projects in step-by-step diagrams. It contains many illustrations of vintage and modern rugs, techniques and projects (published by Traplet Publications Ltd. UK 2003, 7, 10, 11, 14)  ISBN 978-1-900371-53-7. Out of stock but Jenni has a few copies at £20 plus £2.50 UKp&p

Only a few copies left

17 thoughts on “Kits, Tools, Books

    1. Vicki Stone

      hi. what would it cost in dollars to buy your DVD and ship it to USA? Thank you. Traplet is out of business. are there any other American distributors for the DVD?


    1. jenniragrugs Post author

      I don’t think Rigby is online. I have written in the past and if you ask for a leaflet with current prices, you should get one. Are you in the UK? Customs add on tax and handling fee.

      Rigby Cloth Stripping Machines (I last checked 2011)
      Route 302, PO Box 158
      Maine 04009
      tel. 207 647 5679

      Cilla Cameron runs a private group called Buying and Selling Rug Hooking Equipment. You could ask her too.I have also put this in an email to you.



    Hi. I inherited a hessian rug canvas from my grandmother. It was her grandmother’s project never begun. This places the canvas at late 1800’s. It is in fine condition though has fold creases. The pattern on it is still quite vivid. My grandmother said that she had always wanted to complete it but that the tool for doing so was no longer made, banishing the canvas to the closet shelf. I want to see if I can take this antique hessian rug canvas and fulfill its purpose. What technique and tool would you recommend? Thank you!


      1. Eleanor Friend

        Hi Jenny. I forgot to send you a picture of the old Hessian rug pattern on canvas. I’ve just had a busy time as you can understand what with everything that’s been going on in the country for the last six months. I will try and get a picture to you as soon as possible and thank you for your help


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