technology? schmechnolgy! (I hope that’s not rude…)

I have spent all morning trying to find out how to synchronise my email account on the computer with the one on my new iPad. AAAAArrrrggghhh!

Seems I need to change email address, or host, or website, or planet.

I can understand why the Luddites attacked the mechanical looms with spanners, actually.

No solution to my problem found yet.

It’s so much more fun working with colours and fabrics.

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About jenniragrugs

I started rag rug making as a hobby and got hooked on sharing the craft at workshops and creative breaks. My first book Rag Rug Making was reprinted 4 times and is sold out but I have signed copies of my second book: More Rag Rugs & Recycled Textile Projects and my new how-to book was published in 2021: An Introduction to RAG RUGS - Creative Recycling (Pen & Sword Books).

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